Image of NFT art pieces. Image of NFT art pieces. Image of NFT art pieces.

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What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital assets such as art, video clips, memes that were created on the blockchain and can only be purchased online using cryptocurrency. They are typically sold on specialized NFT marketplaces that require you to have access to crypto, have a separate wallet and charge transaction fees on every NFT you buy.

Easily access NFTs*

With MOVES tokens you can access hundreds of digital art pieces in the MOVES marketplace right from your account.

• No need to create and secure a separate wallet

• No NFT transaction fees

• Exclusive access to NFTs not sold anywhere else

Created for the community, by the community

At anda we are committed to uplifting and celebrating the Latino community, which is why we are partnering with Latino creators to develop exclusive NFTs. The future of NFTs will give more power to how artists can work, create and take ownership of their art. We are excited to offer a creative platform for Latino artists while giving MOVES token holders the opportunity to access NFTs.

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Image of NFT art pieces. Image of NFT art pieces. Image of NFT art pieces.

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A bank account that rewards you

Our rewards give you more. You earn MOVESTM tokens for depositing funds into your anda Bank Account.2 They’re completely free and totally worth it. You can double your MOVES tokens each year when you put them aside – staking in crypto terms – on our platform.3 The more MOVES tokens you earn, the more additional rewards you receive, like cash bonuses.4

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