MOVES Token1

What is a MOVES token?

A MOVES token is a new cryptocurrency.

Who created MOVES tokens?

We did!

Why did you create MOVES tokens?

To provide our customers with rewards and new financial opportunities and get a headstart in cryptocurrency.

How can I acquire MOVES tokens?

You can acquire MOVES tokens when you deposit funds to your anda Bank Account and when you refer a friend.

The more deposits you make, the more tokens you can earn. For your first $100 deposit, you’ll earn 100 tokens. After, deposits over $250 will earn you 10 tokens, $500 or more will earn you 25 tokens, $1000 or more will earn you 75 tokens and $5000 or more will earn you 400 tokens.

You can also earn 50 tokens when you refer a friend and they sign up for an anda Bank Account and they deposit $100 or more. Your friend will also get rewarded with 100 tokens for that initial deposit.

Can I purchase MOVES tokens?

MOVES tokens currently cannot be purchased and are only available to anda Bank Account customers.

Can I sell MOVES tokens?


What does it mean to stake my MOVES tokens?

Staking is similar to, but not the same as, saving. Similar to a savings account, the tokens sitting in the staking wallet will generate more tokens.

Can I stake MOVES tokens?

Yes, you can stake your MOVES tokens.

Why would I stake my tokens?

You will double your tokens, meaning earn 100% more tokens per year, when they are staked.

When can I move the tokens I have taked?

When you stake your MOVES tokens, you cannot move them out of your staking wallet for 1 month.

What is my MOVES token balance?

Customers can find their token balances after logging into their anda Bank Account and selecting the appropriate balance in the token section of the account summary page. We will pay out cash rewards as your MOVES token balance grows.

Are there an infinite number of MOVES tokens?

No, there are a finite number of moves tokens.

1 MOVES Loyalty LLC and the MOVES Loyalty Program are not endorsed by MetaBank® or Visa.

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