MOVES Marketplace

What is the MOVES Marketplace?

The MOVES Marketplace has NFTs (digital art pieces) that are exclusively available to MOVES token holders. Earn MOVES tokens so that you can access NFTs.

How can I access the MOVES Marketplace?

You can access the MOVES Marketplace when you log into your anda Bank Account.

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership.

How do I obtain an NFT? What type of currency does the MOVES Marketplace accept?

As long as you have accumulated enough MOVES tokens equal to or higher than the value of available NFTs, you can exchange your tokens for the NFT of your choice by the click of a button! Your acquired NFTs will be then stored in your own personal gallery available through the anda app. MOVES Marketplace only accepts MOVES tokens at this time.

Can I get an NFT if I’m not an anda Bank Account account holder?

NFT's are only available on the MOVES Marketplace to anda Bank Account holders.

Can I submit an NFT to be offered on the MOVES Marketplace?

Not yet. anda is building the capability for customers to submit content that will be minted to NFTs and made available on the MOVES Marketplace. We feel this is an important way for us to support and engage our community of users, so check back soon to be one of the first customers to use this feature.

How do you choose what artists to partner with?

anda is committed to supporting a variety of Latinos, in all stages of their careers, to take part in this new art and crypto universe. The MOVES NFT Marketplace will have hundreds of digital art pieces that will be exclusively available to MOVES token holders

What is the underlying cryptocurrency for MOVES NFTs?

MOVES NFTs are powered by the Solana blockchain.

Can I transfer my NFTs?

Soon the anda app will enable its customers to transfer their acquired NFTs to external customer Wallets supporting SPL (Solana-based) NFTs. The transfer will be initiated from the anda app and requires customers to enter their external Wallet address.

Are my NFTs safe in my wallet? What if I see someone trying to an NFT I have in my wallet?

Security is one of anda’s highest priorities in protecting all customer data and assets including MOVES tokens and NFTs offered on the MOVES Marketplace. To that end, anda conforms to best practices for handling sensitive data, and does not expose private keys required for accessing Wallets outside of anda ecosystem.

What is the value of my NFT?

NFT value, like all assets, are determined by market forces of supply and demand. We hope that every anda customer finds personal value in the NFTs they get in the MOVES Marketplace, but if a customer tries to offer their NFTs on any third party exchange, value will be determined via that third party exchange and not the MOVES Marketplace.

What is the environmental impact for MOVES NFTs?

anda’s choice of Solana as one of the most efficient Proof-of-Stake blockchain projects ensures minimal environmental impact from minting and transfer transactions of MOVES tokens and NFTs offered on the MOVES Marketplace.

Can I spend MOVES tokens in my staked wallet?

You can only spend MOVES tokens in your EARNED wallet for NFTs. This means that if you have all of your tokens staked then you will have to transfer them to your Earned wallet before acquiring any NFTs.

Why can’t I see my NFT?

If there is high demand on the Solana blockchain, it could take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. To double check, try looking up your transaction on Solana Explorer.

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