Most Asked Questions

How do I find my account/routing number?

Log in to your anda Bank Account online or in the app. You can find your account number and bank routing information when you tap the 3 dots next to “Account Activity”.

How do I set up direct deposit?

You will need to provide your employer’s payroll department with both your account and bank routing numbers which can be found when you log into your account online or in the app. Click on “Set up direct deposit” to fill out and download a form to share with your employer’s payroll department or your benefits provider.

Why was my transaction declined?

Your transaction may have been declined due to insufficient funds available. Log in to your account to view your available account balance.

How do I dispute a transaction?

Sometimes charges on your account may not be recognized because the merchant name sent to us with the transaction may not match how they present themselves to their customers or it may appear as an address. First review the transaction amount and date to validate the charge. If you believe you have an unauthorized charge on your account, call 1-844-524-0534 to file a dispute.

How do I report my card lost or stolen?

In the settings menu, click “Card Management” to report your card lost or stolen and order your replacement card. A replacement card fee will apply. See the Demand Deposit Account Agreement for details.

How can I add money to my anda Bank Account?

There are several ways to add money to your anda Bank Account.

• Direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits check.

• Transfer from payment apps like Cash App® or Venmo®.

• Transfer money from an external bank account into your anda Bank Account with no anda fee*.

• Link your external bank account and easily set up transfers from within the anda app.

Where can I go to add cash to my account?

We only accept electronic transfer deposits at this time, like direct deposits or transfers from other external accounts. We are working to launch an add cash feature in the coming months.

How do I earn MOVES tokens?

Earn MOVES tokens when you deposit funds into your anda Bank Account or when you refer a friend who signs up and funds their new anda Bank Account. See details at anda finance MOVES token.

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